NS Bikes 2018 - Stay True!


Apr 18 2017


Thinking about adding some bling to your beloved ride? Then you have to check out our new range of tasty bits! As always expect to see some refreshed designs of our frames and components as well as some completely new products.



Some of the highlights of the 2017 range include more parts in your (and ours) favorite oil slick finish. Our stems, hubs and pedals will all be turning heads this year with this sick colorway.



We are also very excited about our new super light, super wide and super stiff rims - the Enigma Dynamal Roll, available in 29", 27.5" and 26" sizes.


If you want to build up a new bike yourself instead of buying a complete, you'll find all the frames from our range available separately, including our new 29'er - the Snabb Plus and the awesome RAG+ gravel bike.



The hottest premiere of the year are our brand new Hold Fast grips, but they deserve their very own news feature, so you will hear more about them shortly.


As for now, check our new frames and parts range, available through your local NS Bikes distributor or our NS Shop.


Photos: Highstory.pl