• FEB 28 2015
    Snabb frames available
    The mirror-black Snabb frames. Finally in our warehouse. It was worth the wait.   More about NS Bikes Snabb at
  • FEB 26 2015
    Will Weston in Malaga
    While Sam Pilgrim is having fun on the dirts in Barcelona, Will Westonfrom our NS Bikes / Hotlines team is in Malaga training for the upcoming DH season.   Here is the video with Will being chased down the start of the SRAM test track in by Jack Reading. &n...
  • FEB 26 2015
    Sam Pilgrim in La Poma
    Today the Bangers Tour Series bus stopped by Bikepark La Poma. Here is Sam Pilgrim on golden NS Majesty getting some rad footage for his upcoming video.   Catch all the latest updates from the tour on Official Sam Pilgrim Page and
  • FEB 26 2015
    Garrett Robertson to continue representing NS Bikes in the 2015 season
    Garrett Robertson is one of the most skilled riders from Canada. He has been riding for our team since 2010 and we are happy to announce that we have recently signed Garrett to represent NS Bikes in 2015 season!     Living in Kelowna, British Columbia he is riding on almost ...
  • FEB 26 2015
    Video: Sam's World Episode 3 - Home for the Winter
    Following a busy year on the road with the FMB World Tour and various film projects – Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) and Sam Reynoldshead back home for the winter to the UK.  ...
  • FEB 25 2015
    Video: Sam Pilgrim's Bangers Tour - Bus Check
    Sam Pilgrim is currently working on his brand new "Bangers Tour" video series which will be out next month.   Here is the Bus Check video in which Sam and the crew will be cruising round Europe in next few weeks:     For more updates follow Official Sam Pilgrim P...
  • FEB 23 2015
    Winter progress
    His jumps are not 100% ready yet, but that didn't stopped Jakub Adamski from pulling his first ever front flip on dirt.   How about you guys? Any progress this season?   Photo by DambakPhoto...
  • FEB 20 2015
    Winter shredding on Fuzz and Soda
    Although the spring is just around the corner there are still places when you can enjoy riding on the snow... And if instead of ski and snowboard you choose to do it on the brand new NS Bikes Fuzz 2 and Soda Evo Coil bikes like Baldy Pink and Filippo then then it looks like that....
  • FEB 19 2015
    Maciek Mizera and his 2015 NS Decade
    Our team riders are usually the ones to get our brand new gear first. The same story was with our team rider Maciek Mizera who after receiving his 2015 parts from NS Bikes and Octane One built this amazing whip.   The heart of the bike lays in the golden 2015 NS Decad...
  • FEB 19 2015
    Video: Nuno Pintas HighRiders 2015
    There is no off season in Portugal. Nuno "pintas" Barroso drops another cool edit.  ...


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