• JAN 28 2015
    Girls and bikes
    Girls and bikes have always been a great combination and this is a good proof.  Awesome effort by the Behind The Bars team rider Agata Bulska on her NS Bikes Fuzz 2 at the New Zealand Nationals. It was her first race in months following surgeries on her shoulder a...
  • JAN 27 2015
    NS Bikes Clash 2015
    The Clash is a true all-round fun bike. Tough and light, simple and multi-functional. This alloy hardtail will feel great to ride hard on any kind of challenging terrain. It will tackle the urban jungle, rip at the pumptrack and let you ride comfortably back home as well.   Clash 1 ...
  • JAN 27 2015
    Nick and his new whip
    Nick Dethridge stoked on his new team whip - the NS Bikes Fuzz 1. Behind The Bars / The Perfect Line crew spent a solid 12 hours getting banger shots in Queenstown which will be published on and our fanpage shortly....
  • JAN 26 2015
    MTB Fails #2
    After the first MTB FAILS episode that has been seen over 100 000 times Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) is back with the 2nd installment. This time among all the nastiest crashes send by you, you will also have a chance to see that the pro riders like Sam do not always end up with ...
  • JAN 20 2015
    New Zealand DH Nationals - Round Two
    When most of you is wondering where to spend the upcoming ski holiday the downhill season in New Zealand is in full swing.   Octavio & Agata from Behind The Bars team had a ripper weekend at the Christchurch round of the DH NZ Nationals on the Fuzz 1 & 2 respective...
  • JAN 19 2015
    Sam Pilgrim with NS Bikes for two more years
    We are proud to announce that Sam Pilgrim, one of the most talented slopestyle and dirt jump riders on the planet will continue riding for NS Bikes in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.   Sam showed everyone what he's made of by winning the overall 2013 FMB World Championship title. He took...
  • JAN 14 2015
    Michal Kollbek's Fuzz 650B
    Michał Kollbek's NS Bikes Fuzz 650B in its full glory. Equipped with a DVO Suspension Emerald and 26" to 27.5" DVO conversion kit which allows you to get all the correct geometry with your new frame.More about NS Fuzz  Photo by Bike Lord...
  • JAN 13 2015
    GoPro stunts in the woods
    Here is a brand new GoPro only edit out of the clips Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) got from the new jumps he built. Some rad angles and cool tricks! Have a look:...
  • JAN 13 2015
    NS Bikes Metropolis 2015
    The Metropolis is a dedicated dirt jumping bike. You can take it straight out of the box and head to Mellowpark to practice your 360 nosedives, or even go for a big backflip at a Crankworx event. If you are not planning to go so far, hit the streets and practice some off-the-bank tailwhips...
  • JAN 12 2015
    Rad corner shot from Sam
    Rad corner shot with Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) on NS Bikes Fuzz. More about our Fuzz bikes at here. #nsbikes #nsfuzz #staytrue...





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